The Birth of Club Meraki - "Genesis"

Two brothers had a vision of rejuvenating the Hellenic community in Perth, which lead them to the creation of the new event brand, Club Meraki.

The story of Club Meraki begins in 2019, where two brothers, Michael and Sarandy Karagiannis had a vision of rejuvenating the Hellenic community in Perth in a nightclub format.

"We would see the occasional European nightclub event happening, yet none catered for our small Greek community here in Perth – not one! We really wanted something to exist in Perth that was exclusively Greek and up-to-date, but we knew it would be challenging considering our small Hellenic population. Fortunately, our community rallied behind us and assisted us in overcoming this challenge. Each event we grow, and we’ll continue to host these events purely for the joy of bringing the community together. We’re starting to see even 3rd generation Greek Australians attend who have explicitly stated that they saw Club Meraki as an opportunity to explore their Greek heritage. We’re grateful that we get to play this role as purveyors of the modern Hellenic culture in Perth.

Below is the aftermovie for our very first event, "Genesis", inside a venue that only fit 150 people.

You can find out more about Club Meraki's background in our conversation with the Greek City Times,

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